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Equine Colic Relief
One of the most helpless and desperate feelings a horse owner can ever experience is to see your horse having colic symptoms.  Colic is a leading cause of death amongst horses, and it is a miserable time of pain and distress.

To have a product on hand that can be administered right at the moment you find your horse showing colic symptoms is a huge comfort.  I recommend every horse owner have Equine Colic Relief in their barn or horse trailer.  Without it, your horse will have to endure until the vet arrives.  Time is a precious commodity when dealing with a colic episode.  The sooner you can treat, reduces the risk of things getting worse, shorten the time your horse is in pain, and can ultimately mean the difference in saving the life of your horse.

ECR has an excellent record for success.  I have personally saved 3 of my horses and have witness countless others.  It works fast and is effective.  I would not dare to be without it.

It is made of all natural herbal products.  It is easily administered.  It begins to work immediately.  Within minutes, my horses were up on their feet and acting as if nothing had happened.  I saved in vet bills, but more importantly I saved my horses from a possible horrible death.

            $90  + $5 shipping