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Empathic Horsemanship Lessons
My style of horsemanship centers on Empathy for the Horse and Rider.  I specialize in teaching riders bitless riding lessons using a "Human Bit" approach.  The goal is having as much control and communication with your horse as using a bit, but within Empathic Horsemanship concepts.  

My teaching style is based on the methods that I have learned from Mark Rashid, and from my favorite riding horse of 20 years, Scarlet.  I have found Mark's methods to work really well, and even though he uses bits, I found his approach easily translates into bitless riding, that my horse Scarlet prefers, and for which I have a passion for.  I have evolved and combined elements within my own concepts that come from lessons that horses have taught me as we traveled along the Empathic Horsemanship journey.

I also have very effective methods  to help fearful riders.  Empathy for riders is as important as for horses.   Over the years I found several things that help overcome the fear within riding, and can help you become a confident and competent rider.  Even if you are a confident rider now, my techniques can improve your riding abilities to get more from riding your horse.

If you are interested in learning how to care for your horse's feet for barefoot riding.  I can teach you how to trim to produce a healthy hoof.  I have developed methods to make the chore easier and simpler to do, and it can become as routine and grooming your horse.

To schedule lessons or clinics please contact me by phone or email.

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​                                           1224 North Rome Way 
Walter Josey                    Apple Valley, UT 84737