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The Qwik-Ty Rope Riding Bridle and Reins
Functionality within a bitless bridle is just as important as good hands.  A bitless bridle that is simple, clear, precise, and repeatable produces trust within a horse.   I like my horses to respond with softness to the sightest hint of rein pressure.  The Qwik-Ty Rope Riding Bridle is what I designed for the type of response I look for within Empathic Horsemanship.  

Unlike regular rope halters, the Qwik-Ty Rope Riding Bridle can be easily adjusted for correct fit.  It has a special Cheek Bar Knot that allows the reins to be attached in the correct place.  It also creates a bar effect to reinforce rein cues.  

The Qwik-Ty Rope Riding Bridle creates the precision, and repeatability of pressure points that a horse can consistently rely on.  It's simple and easy to use.  

My Qwik-Ty Rope Reins uses a special combination of rope material to translate feel from hands to horse better than the typical rope reins most riders are familiar with.

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The Gaucho Saddle

Saddling is important to Empathic Horsemanship when it comes to promoting a  sensitive, connected, feel between horse and rider.  A well fitting,  balanced, comfortable saddle for both human and horse is essential. Saddles that do not work with a horse and rider, in fit and balance, will block sensitivity, and increase the level of effort for both.

When I began riding the Gaucho Saddle I noticed a sharp increase in willing responsiveness within my horses.  I discovered new sensations, and increased awareness in familiar ones.  The Gaucho Saddle allows the horse the freedom to move naturally while carrying a rider in a secure, balanced seat.   Its an amazing riding experience that propogates the energy contained within feel and allows the low level sensitive nuances of thought-to-body communication so desired by human and horse.

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