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The Qwik-Ty Rope Riding Bridle and Reins
Functionality within a bitless bridle is just as important as good hands.  A bitless bridle that is simple, clear, precise, and repeatable produces trust within a horse. Unlike regular rope halters, the Qwik-Ty Rope Riding Bridle can be easily adjusted for correct fit.  It has a special Cheek Bar Knot that allows the reins to be attached in the correct place.  It also creates a bar effect to reinforce rein cues.  The Qwik Ty feature means no more knot tieing when putting on or taking off the Rope Riding Bridle. 

The Qwik-Ty Rope Reins uses a special combination of rope material to translate feel from hands to horse better than the typical rope reins most riders are familiar with.  A special clasp quickly allows putting on, or taking off, the Qwik Ty Rope Reins.  The length is 10 foot, color is Black only.

For custom requests such as color choices, or sizes for the Qwik Ty Rope Riding Bridle, or custom lengths for the Qwik Ty Rope Reins email
The Gaucho Saddle

Saddling is important to Empathic Horsemanship when it comes to promoting a  sensitive, connected, feel between horse and rider.  A well fitting,  balanced, comfortable saddle for both human and horse is essential. Saddles that do not work with a horse and rider, in fit and balance, will block sensitivity, and increase the level of effort for both.

When I began riding a Gaucho Saddle, I noticed a sharp increase in willing responsiveness within my horses.  I discovered new sensations, and increased awareness in familiar ones.  The Gaucho Saddle allows the horse the freedom to move naturally while carrying a rider in a secure, balanced seat.   Its an amazing riding experience that propogates the energy contained within feel and allows the low level sensitive nuances of thought-to-body communication so desired by human and horse.

Qwik Ty Rope Riding Bridle
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